Annual Shelter Support Day @ CB2 | Toronto Dog Event

In case you missed, it, last Saturday was a day to meet new friends and and sniff a few butts in the big city of Toronto! Wait...What? It's not as strange as you think if you are a dog. And, we, the humans of Posh Pets® Photography, had the absolute pleasure of...

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Announcing…Posh Pets Studio™ Sessions!

Two thousand and sixteen. Can you believe it? A new year, a new beginning and a few new things at Posh Pets® Photography. We have some exciting opportunities to announce and hope that you will be as thrilled with them as I am! In the past, I have had requests for...

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Gus – Boutique Session | Toronto Dog Photographer

Do you have one incredible portrait of your dog or cat? Often when I ask that, the answer to that question is, simply, no. It is an important question. Most of us have a lot of fun shots documenting everyday life on a smartphone. Those funny, little moments. But, how...

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Toby – A dog in the City |Toronto Pet Photography

So, this is Toby. He's a downtown dog. He's the cutest, little Jack Russell Terrier just abounding with energy. He spends most of his days with his girl, Sarah, who he adores fiercely. And, let me tell you, the feeling is mutual. We wanted to create a custom Posh Pets...

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Baxter – Happy Gotcha Day! | Toronto Pet Photography

Three years. Three years of a warm, dry, safe place to sleep at night. A full belly. An older sister you comforted and cared for. A little sister you adore. Conversations. Head bumps. Snuggles. Naps in a sunbeam. And lots of love from your two humans. Happy Gotcha day...

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Focus on Horses Workshop | Toronto Equine Photography

As a photographer, it is important to always be learning, to stretch yourself creatively and try something new. It's also often a chance to do a little bit of travel and connect with other photographers who share similar interests. So, each year, I look for...

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Niko | Toronto Puppy Photographer

Nothing like a day of playing with Posh Puppies! This little bit of fluff is absolutely adorable. His name is Niko and he is my entry into this month's I Heart Faces photo challenge. Usually those challenges are strictly for human faces, but let's be real - who could...

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